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Austin is a beautiful five year old Bengal cat with a very outgoing and charming personality. He also is particularly patient, so much so, he permits mom to dress him in an occasional Halloween and holiday outfit. Recently, he grew impatient with the family's playful puppy which failed to understand repeated messages that "playtime is over ! ". So Austin did what cats can do- he leapt up and away, landing on the wine rack. As bad luck would have it, he caught and broke his front left leg in the opening. Fortunately, x-rays showed Austin sustained a clean break, but he still will require continuing veterinary care including weekly bandage and splint changes. As the costs mounted, his family grew concerned as to how they would meet the expenses of Austin's treatment. Thanks to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and its association with Paws in Need's Just Like New Program, Austin is receiving the care and management he requires to make a recovery. Austin's is another success story demonstrating how the Just Like New program comes to the aid of animals and their families in difficult times. Now, Austin needs to be patient once again as his leg heals. Wonder what mom has chosen for him to wear on the 4th of July?