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Little Bruno was originally purchased from a rather irresponsible breeder, who not only didn't neuter him before adoption, but we're told by our vet partner is not a pure bred. Originally bought by a couple, they soon realized the responsibilities of puppy ownership and banished him to their San Ramon garage. A friend saw this atrocity and offered to take the pup off their hands and thankfully, they said yes. Bruno has a brother, who was banished right along with him, so she saved him, too! We don't have a happy ending photo of his brother, but we know he was also adopted and is now living in Byron, because PIN neutered him, too! PIN was contacted for our low cost neuter program by the rescuer who not only saved and fostered both, but worked very hard to find each a new home. Bruno has since relocated to Indiana where he is living a good life with a family and a big yard to play in. From breeder, to garage, to free range, we think Bruno is going to live a long, happy life. The new owner said there's only one rule in the house, whatever Bruno wants, he gets! Paws applause to both pups and their rescuer!