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Sometimes, it's ok not to own a dog. The new owners of Charlie always had dogs when raising their kids. But, in today's crazy busy lifestyle, one should ask, "should I have a dog?" While dogs should be a lifelong commitment, they are too often aren't. Surrendered to a shelter when something happens, or when it's more convenient to drop them at a shelter. Once that happens, they rarely get a 2nd chance out. Originally adopted by a nice family with 2 young kids, Charlie was patient. But the kids were very young and rather rough with him, running up behind him and grabbing him, often startling him. Once too often, a family member was finally nipped. While superficial, the owners immediately dropped him in a shelter where he was put on hold for 10 days and then considered for euthanasia. We were alerted of the situation by someone who knows Charlie well, and immediately contacted our trusted resources at Underdog Rescue. The day Charlie left the shelter, he was very excited and wouldn't sit still for a photo! Charlie is now adopted, lives on a farm with 2 other dogs and is a calm, happy boy. We are grateful for our alliances with other animal groups, who can step in and work with us, doing what they do best, fostering to adopt to the perfect home.