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They say it takes a village. In this case, it absolutely did.

Jackson was abandoned by his longtime original owner. He was left behind at the house when the owners left, but thankfully an observant and kind neighbor started to take care of him. Although he was an indoor cat for approximately 14 years, the neighbor allowed him to live in her yard for almost a year, gave him a bed and small shelter, and fed him daily. To add sadness on top of sadness, the neighbor fell ill and her situation soon became terminal. In addition to worrying about herself, she also worried about the fate of Jackson after she was gone. Networking started and several people were notified. Many joined forces to try and save this friendly, senior cat. After months of arranging, negotiations and planning, Maine Coon Adoptions and Paws in Need banded together and tag teamed this effort. Jackson was finally delivered to his foster where his makeover began. Immediately seen by a trusted vet partner who gave him "the works" as far as wellness exam, vaccines, blood tests and some much needed dental work, Jackson was well on the road to his new life.

But, this process all costs money, and even with our wonderful and supportive veterinary partner, you can imagine the outlay of money to get Jackson where he needed to be so he could be adopted by a new family.

In the end, it took several individuals, 1 veterinarian and 2 animal advocacy organizations to come together and save this cat. Without the help and cooperation from all involved, especially the wonderful neighbor who kept him safe all that time, this would not have been possible.