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This little tootsie roll is very fortunate. He was originally named Sammy and adopted by a man who unfortunately died a very untimely and unexpected death shortly after his adoption. A widower and having no children, his good friends and neighbors rallied to help with his home and his pets. Tootsie, the youngest of his 3 pets, was still not fixed, so they contacted PIN to take advantage of our low cost neuter program for this little nugget. Considering the circumstances, we were happy to arrange it, and our wonderful vet partner, Adobe Pet Hospital, also provided wellness exams for the 2 dogs to help the neighbors also rehome them. Once fixed, they were on the hunt for the perfect home for Sammy. We think they found it! Sent this photo recently, Sammy, now named Tootsie, is safe and content in his new Pleasanton family. Thanks to the people who made sure this man, who loved his pets, can rest in peace knowing his animals were looked after.