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Frail little Bobbie girl was found abandoned in Livermore on the grounds of an apt complex. A tenant saw her and knew she was too young to fend for herself, and also soon knew she wasn’t feral. To make things worse, she was wounded with a gash to her neck that we have no idea how happened.  The tenant took her to a vet, checked for a microchip and also posted within his large complex in the event she was a pet to someone and just lost, but, nobody claimed her. The tenant then contacted Paws in Need to utilize our urgent care program to help treat the neck gash. Later, a home was found so it was time to utilize our low cost spay neuter program prior to adoption. This kitten, now named Bobbie, is happy and growing up loved in her forever home in Monterey. We love a great ending to a tough start for a young, abandoned animal.


Meet Chili! His mom contacted us about our low cost neuter program and we were all too happy to assist. His mom understands the important of neutering to avoid accidental litters! Chili was a champ at the vet, everyone loved him and he is happily recovering from his surgery day. We love to assist responsible pet owners with spaying and neutering!





Little Bruno was originally purchased from a rather irresponsible breeder, who not only didn’t neuter him before adoption, but we’re told by our vet partner is not a pure bred.  Originally bought by a couple, they soon realized the responsibilities of puppy ownership and banished him to their San Ramon garage.  A friend saw this atrocity and offered to take the pup off their hands and thankfully, they said yes.  Bruno has a brother, who was banished right along with him, so she saved him, too! We don’t have a happy ending photo of his brother, but we know he was also adopted and is now living in Byron, because PIN neutered him, too!  PIN was contacted for our low cost neuter program by the rescuer who not only saved and fostered both, but worked very hard to find each a new home. Bruno has since relocated to Indiana where he is living a good life with a family and a big yard to play in. From breeder, to garage, to free range, we think Bruno is going to live a long, happy life.  The new owner said there’s only one rule in the house, whatever Bruno wants, he gets!  Paws applause to both pups and their rescuer!




This little tootsie roll is very fortunate.  He was originally named Sammy and adopted by a man who unfortunately died a very untimely and unexpected death shortly after his adoption.  A widower and having no children, his good friends and neighbors rallied to help with his home and his pets. Tootsie, the youngest of his 3 pets, was still not fixed, so they contacted PIN to take advantage of our low cost neuter program for this little nugget. Considering the circumstances, we were happy to arrange it, and our wonderful vet partner, Adobe Pet Hospital, also provided wellness exams for the 2 dogs to help the neighbors also rehome them. Once fixed, they were on the hunt for the perfect home for Sammy.  We think they found it!  Sent this photo recently, Sammy, now named Tootsie, is safe and content in his new Pleasanton family.  Thanks to the people who made sure this man, who loved his pets, can rest in peace knowing his animals were looked after.


Sisterly Bond

Miso Bonito

These bonded baby kittens were found together as strays, not living in a very good way.  A Good Samaritan found them and they were fostered until a suitable home was found. Contacting Paws in Need to utilize our low cost spay program, we were happy to oblige. Turns out our urgent care program was needed as well, when Bonito was discovered to have some urgent care needs.  Weeks later, both given a clean bill of health and old enough to finally be spayed, a terrific couple adopted both and these bonded sisters get to live their lives together!  They’re so happy snuggling in their strawberry pod, what a great ending for these sweet girls.



Bah Humbug

This grumpy kitten is normally friendly and nice, but at a recent Allies Pals Rescue adoption event, he wasn’t so happy, even with his festive collar on!  Boo thankfully found a fantastic new home so no more days spent in an adoption cage for him!  Paws in Need was happy to help with this stray kitten found in Livermore, and then our wonderful partner Allies Pals took him into foster after he was seen by a vet and given a clean bill of health.  Boo got the best Christmas present ever when his new mom decided to take him home! 


Curious Lexy


We are so happy to say that despite her curious nature, which got her into some trouble recently, sweet Lexy is now fine. Out for a walk, she stumbled upon some litter and what was left of a torn dollar bill.  Curious, she picked it up and ate it. Residue on the dollar, later discovered to be an opiate, caused Lexy to nearly accidentally overdose. Her owner’s daughter responded to the immediate symptoms and contacted PIN for emergency help late one Friday night.  Our very responsive vet partner, Bishop Ranch, jumped into action and saved the dog.  Here she is resting comfortably after treatment and we are thrilled we could all come to the aid of this very needed, therapy dog for her senior owner. No more picking up trash for Lexy!




2nd Chance Charlie


Sometimes, it’s ok not to own a dog. The new owners of Charlie always had dogs when raising their kids. But, in today’s crazy busy lifestyle, one should ask, “should I have a dog?” While dogs should be a lifelong commitment, they are too often aren't.  Surrendered to a shelter when something happens, or when it’s more convenient to drop them at a shelter. Once that happens, they rarely get a 2nd chance out.  Originally adopted by a nice family with 2 young kids, Charlie was patient. But the kids were very young and rather rough with him, running up behind him and grabbing him, often startling him. Once too often, a family member was finally nipped. While superficial, the owners immediately dropped him in a shelter where he was put on hold for 10 days and then considered for euthanasia. We were alerted of the situation by someone who knows Charlie well, and immediately contacted our trusted resources at Underdog Rescue.  The day Charlie left the shelter, he was very excited and wouldn’t sit still for a photo!  Charlie is now adopted, lives on a farm with 2 other dogs and is a calm, happy boy. We are grateful for our alliances with other  animal groups, who can step in and work with us, doing what they do best, fostering to adopt to the perfect home.


 Cookies anyone?


Who could turn down this little cookie, appropriately named Gingersnap.  She was found at Arroyo Creek by a Livermore resident.  Having assisted with the ongoing feral spay/neuter effort there, he knew this baby kitten did not belong in that location.  The family took her home, fostering her until they found her a home, just in time for the holidays!  They contacted PIN to utilize our low cost spay/neuter program and together we got her all ready for her new home.  That’s a lucky cookie!



AUGUST  2017


They say it takes a village. In this case, it absolutely did.


Jackson was abandoned by his longtime original owner. He was left behind at the house when the owners left, but thankfully an observant and kind neighbor started to take care of him. Although he was an indoor cat for approximately 14 years, the neighbor allowed him to live in her yard for almost a year, gave him a bed and small shelter, and fed him daily. To add sadness on top of sadness, the neighbor fell ill and her situation soon became terminal. In addition to worrying about herself, she also worried about the fate of Jackson after she was gone. Networking started and several people were notified. Many joined forces to try and save this friendly, senior cat. After months of arranging, negotiations and planning, Maine Coon Adoptions and Paws in Need banded together and tag teamed this effort. Jackson was finally delivered to his foster where his makeover began. Immediately seen by a trusted vet partner who gave him "the works" as far as wellness exam, vaccines, blood tests and some much needed dental work, Jackson was well on the road to his new life.

But, this process all costs money, and even with our wonderful and supportive veterinary partner, you can imagine the outlay of money to get Jackson where he needed to be so he could be adopted by a new family.

In the end, it took several individuals, 1 veterinarian and 2  animal advocacy organizations to come together and save this cat. Without the help and cooperation from all involved, especially the wonderful neighbor who kept him safe all that time, this would not have been possible.




Little Tigre is one lucky kitten. Found by a great family all alone in the street, they took him in and tried to find his owner. They also contacted many animal groups to try and find him a forever home. When no one stepped up to claim him or help, they decided he'd found his forever home with them and contacted Paws in Need to utilize our low cost spay neuter program. Tigre is living a life filled with love and comfort with his 2 siblings, a bunny and a chihuahua. 



JULY 2017




This little rascal is everything his name says. He was found under a home in Danville, all alone, with scratches and wounds on his face. Homeowners heard him crying, located him, got a carrier and saved him. Nobody knows how he got separated from his mom and ended up under a house. A volunteer offered to try to find him a home since homeowner wasn't in the market for a pet. Paws in Need took care of the medical and low cost neuter program and we are happy to report Rascal quickly found a home. He is happy in his new Santa Cruz digs. Good boy, Rascal!




2 yr old Harley almost had a very short life.  Having swallowed a large toy causing a severe obstruction, her life was threatened unless surgery was done immediately.  Not in a position to afford the entire procedure, Paws in Need was contacted to see if we could assist to save Harley's life. With cooperation from the owners, the veterinarian, the vet staff and PIN, we saved Harley!  Here she is after surgery, on her way back home to recover with her family.  No more big toys for Harley!




Mischievous Alcatraz got himself in a little trouble when he chewed up a towel and swallowed some, creating a blockage.  When it became clear emergency efforts were necessary, Paws in Need and Bishop Ranch Veterinary partnered to assist the family with much needed surgery for their pet. Young, otherwise healthy, neutered and with a great prognosis, we were both eager to help. Alcatraz is healing nicely and he and his family are very grateful.


 Li'l Bat

 Little Bat

You can tell how this little guy got his name. Look at those ears!  Found at a lake abandoned and all alone, a Good Samaritan and current Paws in Need supporter found him, took him home and adopted him!  As soon as he was old enough she contacted us about utilizing our low cost neuter program. Li'l Bat is now neutered, safe and loves his new home.



JUNE 2017

Long Distance Rescue


A Livermore resident was the ultimate Good Samaritan when she recently took a vacation to Mexico and found a very sick dog struggling on the streets. She found herself not being able to leave Mexico without helping him. She found a veterinarian office there to administer antibiotics and vaccines enough for transport to CA.  Then, an immediate vet visit in CA to continue to treat for severe mange and a few other issues. Owner contacted PIN to hopefully utilize our low cost spay/neuter program.  Louie, as he is now named, is responding nicely to his antibiotics and will undergo neuter surgery as he continues to gain weight and is healthy enough. Louie now spends his days on a soft couch and not the streets of Mexico.  Gracias to this wonderful family who saved Louie and gave him a forever home.




APRIL 2017


From Chanceux to Sweetie to Lucky Lucy!


This sweet gal has had 3 special names in her short little life.  Found in a Pleasanton yard by a very nice family, they quickly saw she was not only friendly, but injured. Rushed to our wonderful vet partner, Gateway Pet Hospital, she was x-rayed and found to have a broken leg!  Good Samaritan family agreed to keep her throughout her 6 week recovery, and find her a great new forever home, which she did!  Starting out as Chanceux, which is French for "fortunate", then Sweetie due to her sweet disposition during a very long recovery, and finally Lucky Lucy by her new family.  We all think that's a very fitting name!  Paws in Need is very willing to assist in cases resulting in one less animal in the county shelter, one less animal on the street, one less animal unnecessarily euthanized.  Kudos to the wonderful family who worked right alongside PIN to make this happen. Lucky Lucy sure is "fortunate".


MARCH 2017


Lenny, the IV


Meet Lenny.  He has quite the pawsonality, and as a result, keeps ending up back at Paws in Need. Now 8 years old, he's had 3 homes in his short life, but the 4th seems to be the final one, hence, Lenny, the IV, as in homes, not generations.  Often now referred to as a personal assistant by his new family, he loves to sit on his latest owner's laptop while she works!  Lenny was always returned to the person who originally found him as a baby kitten, eating out of a dumpster behind a big box grocery store in San Ramon, along with his brother, appropriately named Squiggy. And she always seems to find him another great home!  Lenny was never returned for behavioral reasons, but just families falling on hard times.  But, he lands on his feet every time.  His winning personality shows through and off he went to his 4th and final destination. We wish Lenny great success in his latest home, who says with great conviction, he's there to stay.  Maybe Lenny's name should be Lucky....


Ella Fitzgerald


This blues singer went platinum when she had her first performance at her new home. Ella started out like many blues singers do, on the street, fighting for every meal and a safe place to sleep. Seeing her potential to be a friendly cat, a neighbor who found her along with her siblings, contacted Paws in Need about utilizing our low cost spay program. Partnering with another group, Allie's Pals Rescue, who took her into foster, Ella was delivered to her new home and introduced to her new brother, Chomper, also a rescue pet. Fast friends, they spend their days playing and looking out the window together. Another gold record for Ella! 

Safe and Sound


This mellow tabby girl has found her safe zone, with a wonderful family full of people and pets. Supporters of several animal groups, of which Paws in Need is lucky to be one of, the family  stepped right up to give her a home once they heard her story. Sophie, her new name, was found abandoned, along with her mom and many siblings, living in very dangerous and unpleasant surroundings. Other animal groups stepped up and took the rest of the brood, once all were spayed and neutered by Paws in Need.  Nearly all have found their forever homes, just like Sophie.  She spends her days relaxing on her new cat tree, safe and sound. 




This sad looking guy is really recovering very well, thanks to Paws in Need, Feline Medical Center, Bishop Ranch Veterinary, and a very caring owner. Hunter, a rescue cat adopted less than a year ago, suffered from a severe case of luxating patellas, or floating kneecaps, where his kneecaps were dislodging daily and he was in great pain. Otherwise young and in excellent health, all worked together to save this young guy from certain euthanasia.  Soon Hunter's fur will grow back and he will recover and be back to his playful young kitten self. These types of procedures could not be possible without specific animal case sponsors, willing vet partners, and all of our caring PIN supporters.  Hunter says thank you!





Mama & her pups


This loved family dog had an oops! pregnancy and as the picture shows, a whopping 9 puppies as a result. Distraught and with no resources in the way of groups that would actually help, Paws in Need came to the aid of both the family and the dogs.  We gladly supported the low cost spay & neuter of all, including Mama, so this doesn't happen again!  The family went on to find good homes and all are doing well.  We are happy to help families with our spay/neuter services who find themselves in these situations.  It's all about raising awareness, education, and stopping the cycle. No more litters for this girl.




Sweet Gizmo was discovered living with a Walnut Creek homeless man who couldn't take care of him. Willing to surrender him in order to give him a better life, the Good Samaritan that stumbled upon the unlikely duo offered to keep the pup temporarily until she could locate a suitable home. Meanwhile, she contacted Paws in Need to utilize our low cost neuter program and we were very happy to oblige.  It didn't take her long to find Gizmo a great family!  Hats off to the many Good Samaritans we encounter, who see a situation and dive in to assist when they see a pet in need. Congratulations Gizmo!




This little one was part of a litter born outside of a Pleasanton corporate office complex. Employees, one in particular, contacted Paws in Need for assistance with education on how to capture and also inquired about our assistance in getting them all fixed. A plan was formed, all were captured over the next week and the kittens taken in to foster by the employee. She became dedicated to finding them all homes, including the mom who was also fixed and when weaned, transferred to a rescue group for adoption. All have found their forever families! Kudos to the employee who worked tirelessly alongside PIN volunteers to secure this family of mom and kittens, and get them safely off the street. A special shout out to the Sacramento area rescue group who took the mom in as well. It often takes many individuals and organizations to come together for such success. Snuggle is safe and happy with her new family.