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Paws In Need is a local California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization with two primary programs supporting Tri-Valley community animals.

Spay/Neuter Program  - Paws In Need provides assistance in obtaining spay and neuter surgeries. We feel this is vital in reducing over-population in our community and needless euthanasia.

Just Like New Program - Paws In Need provides assistance in obtaining one-time medical treatment for animals when the owner does not have the necessary resources. Again, we feel this is vital to reduce the needless suffering and/or euthanasia of animals when the owner cannot afford required medical care.

For more information on either of these programs e-mail or leave a voicemail at (925) 551-1877.

Paws In Need

PO Box 3436 San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 551-1877

Fed Tax ID : 45-5391297

An all-volunteer organization, managed by the following board members :

President: Vacant

Cindy Ferrin - Vice President: Companion animals have always been part of my life. As an officer and board member with various local animal groups over the past two decades, I was disappointed when a proposed spay/neuter program for community animals was not approved. This was the catalyst for starting Paws In Need. Every year approximately the same # of animals come through local shelters. We need to get in front of the problem since there are still not enough homes for all animals that are born. Make a difference and join our fundraising efforts so more animals can be helped.

Treasurer: Vacant

Bea Bauerly - Secretary: The strings of my heart have always been pulled by animals, all animals. Over the years and ever since childhood, I have owned cats, dogs, rabbits, and Guinea pigs, hamsters, ducks, chickens, turtles, birds, fish and more. If I could and if my husband would let me, I probably would have a house full of pets. I am very fortunate to share that passion with many friends at Paws In Need (PIN). Animals cannot take care of themselves, they need guardians to watch out for them. PIN closes the gap left by regular rescue agencies by eliminating unnecessary suffering and euthanasia through a carefully managed spaying and neutering program. PIN is helping the animal population by targeting the source of the problem to destroying perfectly healthy companions.

Lisa Williams - Director: Having loved animals my entire life, when searching for a cause to be a part of, animal welfare and rescue was a natural first choice.  Joining several groups over the years, I have honed my skills in various segments within the animal world from fostering animals and adoption events to Board positions and fundraising.  I am proud to be a co-founder of Paws In Need, an organization whose culture is based on the principles of the necessity of spay/neuter in the Tri Valley area.

Marketing Director: Vacant

Kirk Wagner - Community Outreach Director: Kirk is tasked to bring awareness and new volunteers to the organization. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Kirk attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying civil engineering where he met his future wife. Upon graduation, Kirk moved to the Bay area and received his Master's from Stanford University. He currently lives and works in Pleasanton with his wife Stephanie and French Bulldog Pickles. Growing up, Kirk lived with a golden retriever, a parrot, and a fish. His compassion for animals stems from the realization that they cannot help themselves; they need a human touch. But often, people are the real reason animals need help. Kirk is excited to serve as an advocate for pets that need stable homes as he continues to raise awareness for the animals that have no voice. On the weekends (when he's not enjoying a nice glass of wine with Stephanie watching Pickles tug at toys) you can find Kirk enjoying anything outdoors, such as hiking, camping, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

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